About me

Software developer with 15 years of experience, with a strong emphasis on quality and delivery. I am a constant learner and I enjoy mentoring and coaching teams.

I help businesses develop great products using modern tools and processes ensuring quality and security are a key part of them. Having been part of Acunetix, a security company, for 7 years, and handling the frontend development for their flagship product, I gained a good knowledge about security practices and risks that come with web development.

I specialize in frontend technologies having worked with many libraries and frameworks including jQuery, jQuery UI, KnockoutJS, AngularJS, Angular 7+, React and Redux.

Throughout my career I had the opportunity to work within a .NET ecosystem during which I obtained a Microsoft Certified Profesional credential. I also did a technical book review (KnockoutJS Web Development by John Farrar) while I was developing a project with KnockoutJS.

Key competencies and skills: